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Analytic paper guidelines (7) - Guidelines for Analytic...

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Guidelines for Analytic Paper Title specific to your paper The Three Apes o Encapsulate topic into a phrase. o The argument over human ancestry continues with a relatively new player claiming our closest relative lies in the genus Pongo, or Orangutan, not the commonly assumed common progenerator with Chimpanzees. Introduction As a species, we still do not know where we come from, or even how long we have been around. The field of anthropology, in its many branches, has come very close to universal agreement with the basic tenets of the theory of the common ancestor shared uniquely with Chimpanzee, Bonobo and People. There is however still significant dissent, and gaining in popularity is the science supporting the Orangutan as a closer relation than Chimpanzee. This is not to mention an attack to the very core of the science being done, and a questioning of the theory of evolution itself from outside the scientific community, which will be given only the briefest of acknowledgment and attempted refutation. o summarize your paper, pose a question, provide a shocking statistic. You have many options, but think of the introduction as setting up the reader for what’s to come and possibly providing a “hook” to keep his or her interest. Thesis statement Many disagree on the similarities of Humans and the rest of the animal kingdom. For many, the close connections and DNA similarities we share can foster disagreeable feelings and hence resistance to the clues left by evolution. This paper will choose to focus on interesting and expressive genetic similarities between three of the species of Ape, Chimps, Bonobos and Humans, as a way of demonstrating the afore mentioned relatedness. Through reporting evidence gathered from various reliable sources, relying greatly on the research being done by the Reich lab at Harvard University, I will demonstrate the close genetic based kinship between Chimps, Bonobo's and Humans, and why this version of phylogenesis is necessarily the correct one. o The thesis statement should be clearly written, indicate the main idea of your paper, and answer the question “what am I trying to demonstrate or prove?” A good thesis statement will allow the reader to understand what you are demonstrating and why. Overview of topic
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Analytic paper guidelines (7) - Guidelines for Analytic...

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