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Kyle Benzle 597.04. Quiz 3 1) An analysis of the similarities and differences, both genotypically and phenotypically in the modern day genus's Pan , Bonobos and Chimpanzees, and Homo, Humans. It appears that Humans parted genetic ways with our common ancestors about 5 million years ago, Hominini . Since this time Humans have made some seemingly amazing advances, while our closest living relative appears to continue to be relegated to where and how we have decides to allow them to live. I will begin a discussion about the very small differences in the genomes of the Chimp, Bonobo, and Human. The similarities in the three species are anything but straight forward. Humans in many cases, about 25% of the genome 1 , have more similarities to Gorilla and Orangutan DNA than the Chimps'. Through addressing this topic I will explore what we know about our two closest relatives genetically, but just as importantly, how these transfer into phenotypic expressions. 2) The population debating the validity of close relatedness between these three species are often those that are uneducated about the science of evolution, the evidence available, and the logical thought used in its dissemination. There is rare argumentation from within scientific communities of the significance and reality of our close kinship with other Apes species based on available evidence. Thusly, it is this group of "non- believers", who has all the right to disagree, that will be the target audience for this assignment. a)
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Benzle_597.04_Quiz_3 - Kyle Benzle 597.04. Quiz 3 1) An...

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