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Kyle Benzle Someone working at the Human Genome was charged to create a document that could be disseminated around the world, easily translated and quickly understood in explaining the basis for genetic research. This would sound like a wonderful assignment to me, and it is clear that the team working to put together this packet of information describing the Project, put in much effort and achieved their goals. The information quickly and simply beings, assuming a beginners knowledge of what life is, to a full blown discussion of how our gnome is constructed and how one could go about making alterations to it. Much of the paper gave into popular appeal, by using colourful and greatly simplified images to convey information, and in half a dozen cases being completely
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Unformatted text preview: superfluous. Being a full time student, it is this type of in print information presentation that I have come to appreciate the most. A good overview of a topic is of huge importance when creating an article like, Genomics and Its Impact on Science and Society . A presentation with heavy, attention grabbing and interesting images, including charts, such as Fig. 2 in the article, which demonstrates Base Pair size variability amongst species, is informative and clearly defined. With popular science (science writings intended for the public) like this, there may be something lost with the amount of technicality one can report, however, the increased size of the potential audience with included references to further research seems always preferential to me....
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