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Benzle_Quiz 6 (2) - Kyle Benzle Quiz 6 1 I became the most...

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Kyle Benzle Quiz 6 1) I became the most familiar with the Pinker article, and even though I disagree with some of his literary style, overall it was a great article for this class and if anything, should have been scheduled earlier in the term. I enjoyed the information put out by the Human Genome Project, Genomics and Its Impact on Science and Society. It was well put together and provided relevant information, again, I would have liked to see this one been perhaps the first one covered. 2) Eugenics! Seriously, get rid of it. I did not see the inspection of past eugenic methods at all relevant to the current discussion of the Molecular Revolution. That is not to say that I failed to grasp the intended implication of the study of eugenic methods with those genetic counterparts, but do not agree with the connection. The article Better For All The World by Bruinius failed to make an impression other than its discomforting nature. The Old Eugenics and the New Genetics Compared by Ekberg seemed to be making a rhetorical leap based on not much more that the rhyming of the two words. The
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