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Kyle Benzle The idea behind this article is that the author, Harvard psychologist, Steven Pinker agrees to take part in the Personal Genome Project (PGP), wherein his entire genome will be sequenced and made freely available for study online. With this report, Pinker, and the PGP are taking one of the first steps towards what people have been discussing and arguing over more and more fervently as technology improves, that is, the sequencing, patenting, and use of personal, human genes. Pinker does a good job of bringing up as many of the common concerns and misconceptions about human genetics as the paper would allow. Concerns such as patent issues, (who owns who's DNA) exclusion from certain programs because of what the genome says, (e.g. health insurance rates) and the psychological issue associated with knowing what our genes can tell us about our predisposition to diseases and about our
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Unformatted text preview: past, all of this I enjoyed and was interesting. The idea behind this article, and especially this study of the Personal Genome Project, is great, the only problem is the author. Pinker immediately came off as an overly self-centered individual, and made the good information contained, that much harder to disseminate over the drone of Pinker's own ego. I only recently learned through research online, that my opinions of Pinker's attitude and egotistical approach are actually fairly widely held amongst others in his field. In conclusion, the author made good on his attempt to cover a lot of information, opinions and ideas. He succinctly and appropriately cited interesting sources and facts, and the project itself is very interesting. It was only Pinker's writing style I could disagree with and his inability to connect with his audience....
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Benzle_Response_2 - past all of this I enjoyed and was...

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