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This article is My Genome, Myself, it appeared in the New York Times, in January of this year. 1)[SLIDE] The New York Times is one of, if not the most consistently reliable, and in depth news papers in America and in the World. 2)[SLIDE] The Author, Steven Pinker, 3)[SLIDE] Well, I think he's kind of a jerk. I mean, here he is getting drunk with a Panda and stroking some kind of brain organ, with that weird look on his face, the way he wrote the aritcle was kind of overly self centered and seemed to brag about him self too. well, thats the impression I get at least. 4)[SLIDE] x2 He’s a Canadian experimental psychologist, cognitive scientist, and writer of popular science. He is known for his wide-ranging advocacy of evolutionary psychology and a computational theory of mind [SLIDE] x2 Pinker is a Harvard Researcher and currently writes for the Times and has a dozen or so books in publication. [SLIDE]x3 He is most famous for populariziong the idea that language is more like an instinct, or adaptation shaped by natural selection. (talk) Meaning that there is a Biological, or in this case, a genetic basis for language proficiency in humans. [SLIDE] to Chomsky
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This differers from the more popular theories driven by people like Noam Chomsky, that there is no biological base for language development. This has
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pinker_597_04 - This article is My Genome Myself it...

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