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Thesis Statement - Thesis Statement(opinionated Many...

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Thesis Statement. (opinionated) Many disagree on the similarities of Humans and the rest of the animal kingdom. For many, the close connections and DNA similarities we share can foster disagreeable feeling and hence resistance to the clues left by evolution. This paper will choose to focus on the most interesting and expressive genetic similarities between three of the species of Ape, Chimps, Bonobos and Humans, as a way of demonstrating the afore mentioned relatedness. Through reporting evidence gathered from various reliable sources, relying greatly on the research being done by the Reich lab at Harvard University, I will demonstrate the close kinship between Chimps, Bonobo's and Humans, and why this phylogensis I) For those that choose to take notice, the phenotypic similarities between our three ape species herein discussed, can be remarkable. My first main point will be that the physical evidence, including phenotypic similarity, and a brief look at the physical fossil records on hand, will make for a clear argument for the close relatedness of these three species. II) The second main point will be a discussion of the problems with the poplar current
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Thesis Statement - Thesis Statement(opinionated Many...

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