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TIMELINE NATURE | Vol 437 | 1 September 2005 48 1641 Is this a chimp I see before me? Nicolaas Tulp, a Dutch anatomist, is the first formally to describe an ape, although it is not clear from historical records whether his subject was a chimpanzee, a bonobo or an orang-utan. 1699 More than skin deep Edward Tyson, an English physician, publishes his account of the first confirmed dissection of a chimpanzee. He echoes remarks made by Tulp, pointing out that chimp anatomy is remarkably similar to our own. 1739 A true likeness French artist Louis Gérard Scotin draws a chimp — possibly the first one imported live into Europe. 1775 Going underground? The species name troglodytes is coined by Johann Friedrich Blumenbach, a German anthropologist. It is derived from the name for an African race of cave dwellers — perhaps mythical — from the middle ages. Why he chose this name remains unclear. 1816 From god to genus German naturalist Lorenz Oken is the first to use Pan as the name for the genus to which chimpanzees belong — named after the hairy, Greek rural god. 1863 Order, order! Humans should be placed in the same order as apes, argues Thomas Henry Huxley. 1871 The Descent of Man In his follow-up to On the Origin of Species , Charles Darwin suggests that humans are most closely related to African great apes. 1917
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chimp oveview - T IMELINE NATURE |Vol 437| 1 September 2005...

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