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Dr. William Flinn, OSU Professor [email protected] Dr. Flinn is the former President and Executive Director of the Council of University Presidents for The Midwest Universities Consortium for International Activities, Inc. (MUCIA). MUCIA has conducted nearly 100 international large-scale technical assistance, training, and academic exchange programs, worked in more than 55 countries and administered contracts with a total value of more than $360 million dollars. The consortium currently has approximately $65 million in signed contracts that are funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), The World Bank, The Asian Development Bank, the African Development Bank, and host country contracts. Dr. Flinn served as President of the Rural Sociological Society in 1980-81. Dr. Flinn conducts research on social and technological change especially on the social
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Unformatted text preview: structural constraints to change and the role that norms, values and ideologies play in preserving the status quo. He is currently involved in development of the "Rural Poll," a statewide survey public opinion survey. Area of Research Interest in understanding rural and urban constituents= concerns about the food system; i.e., genetically engineered plants and animals, organically produced foods stuffs, large vs. small farms and environmental concerns associated with agricultural production Liz Burkhart [email protected] 512.542.0682 Whole Foods Market We support organic farmers, growers and the environment through our commitment to sustainable agriculture and by expanding the market for organic products. (From Website)...
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