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Unformatted text preview: EFB311 Financial Institutions Lending Sem 1 2010 Major Assignment Guide From the Unit Outline Assessment Item No. 2 Assessment name: Case Study Description: Length: minimum 3000 words Formative and summative To plan, originate and execute a hypothetical corporate bank loan facility in the role of bank loan officer. Relates to learning outcomes: Unit objectives 1,2,3 & 4 and AoL Goals: KS (1.1), CTA (2) and PC (3.1) Weight: 60% Internal or external: Internal Group or Individual: Individual Due date: Week 12 Requirements You will select a publicly listed company, for which annual and semi­annual reports and sufficient other financial and operating information are available. You will identify a financing requirement for the company which you believe can be met with a bank loan facility to be provided by your bank. You will prepare the following 5 items. 1. For your internal bank approval process. a. A credit application memorandum. b. Financial forecast. c. RAROC calculation. 2. To submit to the company after successful internal bank approval. a. An offer letter to the company explaining why it should select your facility. b. A summary of key terms (term sheet) to accompany the offer letter. Items 1a, 1b and 2 should be in the general form as set out in the example in Chapter 8 of the Unit W orkbook. RAROC is described in Chapter 7 of the Unit W orkbook. You should assume any values or circumstances as necessary. Assessment Marks will be awarded based on the level of understanding of the motivation and process of financial institutions lending that is demonstrated by your work. Conciseness and an ability to identify and address relevant issues will also be taken into account. ...
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