Chapter 10 Notes for ECON

Chapter 10 Notes for ECON - shift of some state-run...

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Medicaid – state run (TX covers the minimum) Who's eligible? Primarily the economically disadvantaged Children under 6 and household income below 133% income Children under 19 families under the poverty level Pregnant women Must Cover? Medical benefits be provided Hospital care (inpatient and outpatient) Physician care Diagnostic tests Vaccinations for children Long-term care Prenatal Care Financing States receive fed. Subsidy varies from 50% to 83% of total expenses. Subsidy is based on the state's per capita income. Wealthier states receive a smaller subsidy Two effects of change in state's per capita income 1. Income effect (Graph) 2. price effect Reasons for increase in Medicaid costs significant rise in # of enrollees significant increase in medical prices increase in # of elderly and disabled needing long-term care
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Unformatted text preview: shift of some state-run programs into the Medicaid program What is poor? Little income Little assets Spend-down assets SCHIP state run Crowding out switch who were are being insured with govt Medicare Federal program Primarily for the elderly (over 65) Part A hospital compulsory Part B Supplemental INS Part c Medicare Advantage Part D prescription drug coverage Medicare and hospital reimbursement 1983 Switch from Retrospective payment to prospective payment DRG diagnosis related group Medicare and physicians 1989 Resource based relative value scale system Limits on balance billing assignment of benefits Balanced Budget Act 1997 Set up managed care plan option Medicare Modernization act 2003...
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Chapter 10 Notes for ECON - shift of some state-run...

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