Chapter 16 Notes for ECON

Chapter 16 Notes for ECON - employment status Provide...

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Chapter 16 Two Biggest issues concerning the US health care 1. Problems faced by the uninsured 2. Escalating health care costs US per capita 6,714 Per capita income in the US higher so we would expect the US to purchase more health care. Health care is a normal good. US have a higher level of technology than many other countries. Technology is expensive. High US expenditures may have different sources 1. High average level of services 2. High resource costs for services 3. Inefficient provision of services What do we want? Provide a Health “safety net” for all residents, irrespective of age or
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Unformatted text preview: employment status Provide choice for providers and patients Provide market incentives for cost containment Be relatively easy to administer What are the potential costs? Extra total expenditure on health care incurred if we switched to a new system Sources of the new expenditures Extending coverage to the uninsured Incremental cost if greater coverage is provide than people already have Possible Health Care Reforms Managed competition National health insurance Medical saving accounts Individual mandates...
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Chapter 16 Notes for ECON - employment status Provide...

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