Wal mart - I have heard a lot of negative hype about...

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I have heard a lot of negative hype about Walmart and do not really know where it is stemming from. Most of what I hear is from unhappy folks who do not want to have a Walmart in their cities. So, if I were the new CEO at Walmart, I would find out what is being said out there. I would try to clean up Walmart's act and if there were something that can be done about it, I would start there. I would ensure that researches are done to see how opening new stores would affect communities and smaller businesses in the area. Perhaps, widen the product line and offer to work together with the neighboring businesses to better serve the communities and make profit in the process. I would continue to ensure that quality products are sold and made available to consumers at affordable prices. Next, I would see about the employees to make sure that their grievances are heard and that they are well paid and happy. Then, I would make sure that the lower management goes about doing what they are supposed to be doing. I would then make sure that internal and quality controls are running smoothly. Keep an eye that the profits keep going up, then, I would try to give back to the communities by offering scholarships and the like.
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Where to start? OK, **poof **! I'm the CEO of WalMart. There are millions of people depending on me for products and services, so I won't just start slashing away at things. The best thing to do is to find out what people are thinking and feeling and visioning, so--and I think this would be very hard to do, but it's how I’d want to approach it, I’d just put out all these messages that I need to learn as much as I can, and to please be empowered to do your jobs as you have been doing them, and then I’d go around and just meet people and ask lots and lots of questions and talk with them and take notes and build concepts and ideas about what WalMart is for these folks, and what the concept of the enterprise is, and what are their values, beliefs, visions, dreams, struggles, goals, etc. Then after a season (2-4 months) I’d put together my plan utilizing the best of their ideas, values and goals, and back-burnering anything I just couldn’t support. Because of my processes of getting to know these people, I would know what some of their important and fundamental values are, and I would tell them what I had learned about their highest values. I would share my values, which I would hope would be a match for their values: respect for all human beings, respect for the environment, honesty and love. I would tell them that I’m not prepared to support any corporate activity that is not in line with these values. Then, I’d point out that WalMart makes some important positive contributions to the world. Three good examples are: First, that WalMart has significantly contributed to creating markets for the products of developing countries, and is responsible for a good piece of the prosperity of, for example, China. Second, that WalMart is creating a world-
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Wal mart - I have heard a lot of negative hype about...

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