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Unformatted text preview: & Narayana Murthy Narayana & Infosys Infosys Group 12 Introduction… • Infosys, based in Bangalore, is a publicly held, Infosys, ISO 9001 certified company offering information technology consulting & software services. technology • The software offered include application The development, E-Commerce & Internet Consulting, Software Maintenance. • Respected across the country, with very strong Respected systems, high ethical values & a nurturing working atmosphere. working Achievements • Voted as the Best Managed Company in Asia. • Biggest exporters of Software. • First to follow the US First Accounting Principles Nasdaq listing in 1991. Nasdaq Generally Accepted before going for • Championed Corporate Governance in India. Narayana Murthy’s Global Narayana Strategy 1) Global Delivery Model – Producing where it is 1) most cost effective to produce & selling where it is most profitable to sell. is 1) Moving up the Value Chain – Getting involved in a software development project at the earliest stage of its life cycle. earliest 1) PSPD Model – Predictability of Revenues, Sustainability of Revenues, Profitability, DeSustainability risking. People Management • Infosys’ retention capability was a function of Infosys’ both of its rigorous selection procedure as well as proactive HRD practices. proactive • About 80% of the middle & senior level About executives were promoted from within the organization. • Provides many facilities which were intended to Provides take care of both professional & personal needs. People Management • Infosys was one of the first companies, to adopt Infosys an Employee Stock Exchange Option & create additional wealth for its employees. additional • Best Reward Systems – High salaries by industry Best average for software companies. average • Encouraged communication with each other & Encouraged with higher management. with • To improve communication, the MD sent mails To every fortnight. every People Management • Groupism was not encouraged. Groupism • Ideas that are great, deserve cheers and should Ideas be encouraged. be • Everything is judged in merit. Ego doesn’t come Everything into picture. Transactions were zero-based so there is no history sheet. there • The organization should have one goal & one The vision. vision. Other Reasons • Invest in well understood, proven products & not Invest just R & D. just • When dealing with investors, always under-promise When & over-deliver. over-deliver. • Give stakeholders bad news proactively & early Give • Have a healthy sense of paranoia and respect for the Have competition. • Speed, Imagination & Excellence. • Leaders in the Making. Thank you…!!! Have a Nice Day ahead…!!! ...
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