2) IT infrasture

2) IT infrasture - IT Infrastructure T Define IT...

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IT Infrastructure T Define IT infrastructure and describe its components The integrated set up of hardware and software for the organization’s information systems and IT applications Components Computer hardware platforms D Operating system platforms D Enterprise software applications D Data management and storage D Networking/telecommunications platforms D Internet platforms D Consulting system integration services D Identify and describe the eras and technology drivers of IT infrastructure evolution Mainframe era - The mainframe era was a period of highly centralized computing under the control of professional programmers and systems operators Personal computer era- A period where ever one starts to own their PC. PC uses the DOS operating system Client/server era - A period where Client/server computing enables businesses to distribute computing work across a number of smaller, inexpensive machines that cost much less than minicomputers or centralized mainframe systems. The result is an explosion in computing power and applications throughout the firm. Enterprise computing era -
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2) IT infrasture - IT Infrastructure T Define IT...

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