1) The Digital World

1) The Digital World - The Digital World I nformation...

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Unformatted text preview: The Digital World I nformation technology ( I T ), as defined by the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA), is "the study, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems , particularly software applications and computer hardware." Information system collects, store and disseminate data from an organization environment and internal operation to support organization function and decision making, communication, control, coordination, analysis, visualization. IS transfer raw data to useful information through 3 basic activities such as input, processing and output. Is provide solutions to problems and challenges faces by firm. Management dimension -Strategy, leadership and management behaviour Technology dimension -Hardware, software, data management, networking and telecommunication technology Organization dimension -Organization hierarchy, functional specialities Biz process, culture Complementary assets to support IS Supportive organization culture, New Biz process, model, management...
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1) The Digital World - The Digital World I nformation...

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