6 - Information Systems

6 - Information Systems - ISanditscomponents...

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Session 6   – Information Systems IS and its components - Collection of people, procedures, software, hardware, and data - Supports the natural flow of info within an organization - Accomplish a task utilizing IT Purpose of IS - Help organizations compete more effectively - Help make decision making more effective - Support organizational functions and activities Components of IS Using IS -   efficiency - Can completely transform a process -   effectiveness - Decision-making subsystem -   process flexibility - RFID tags - Forecast - Good forecasting can provide a competitive advantage - Scan the environment – Analyze increasing customer expectations - Feedback - Positive and negative outcomes Quality, Cost and Value of Info - Managers must minimize uncertainty to achieve organizational responsiveness - Effective decision requires info to be: Accurate, Relevant, Timely, reliable, complete and  detailed Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Type of ESS Integrate all IS systems ERP in Business- many large companies run ERP systems
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6.1      Organizations and Hierarchy     6.11 Managerial Functions Mgmt: Process of accomplishing organizational goals through planning, execution, and control
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6 - Information Systems - ISanditscomponents...

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