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E) Twitter - T w i t te r What is T w it ter ◘ a f ree...

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Unformatted text preview: T w i t te r What is T w it ter? ◘ a f ree social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and r ead messages (tweets) Q n1 a) Why has twitter generated so much buzz? Why has the site become so popular and w hat is behind its appeal? 1. Ease of use & Simplicity a. Tweets can be sent from and received by any kind of device e.g. desktop, laptop, BlackBer ry, cellphone via SMS 2. Immediacy a. Links to new blog posts and notes on breaking news and industry developments as they occur 3. Variety a. Huge amount of services and apps that have spawned around Twit ter e.g Twitpic, Twit terfeed 4. Openness a. @message to everyone to execute a global post, or direct message f unction (d username) 5. Integration a. Facebook and Twit ter have already partially integrated their services (status updates) Qn2: a) Is the Twit ter service sustainable or can i t be easily imi tated? If the l at ter, where is the competition coming from? b)What is Twit ter’s biggest asset and what might be the hardest thing to emulate for competitors? Social implications C itizen journalism - T weets have become fi rst accounts at scenes of major events Economic implications Investment tool S tockTwits à p rovides stock-related tweets for investors A dvertising/Marketing tool à A llows small businesses to th r ive eg. B logshops, online confectionary Political implications Campaigning tool à P resents good image IT-savvy, able to keep up with t echnological advances Faces strong competition from Facebook Easily imitate Twit ter and provide more applications Qn3 c) What revenue sources can it consider? 1. Be a Recruiting Tool for Job Seekers/Recruiters 2. Analytics Packages for Companies- movie reviews complains Pdt qns 3. Local Coupon Pushes – Digital coupons 4. Capture Revenue from Mobile Phone Car riers 5. Leverage on the concept of immediate updated news ...
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E) Twitter - T w i t te r What is T w it ter ◘ a f ree...

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