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AB113 Information Technology Emerging Trends and Technologies Trends & Technologies Pros Cons Applications Internet Push technology - Convenient, time saving – don’t have to spend time “pulling” what you want. - Reliance on IT’s ability to store vast amounts of information about every customer. - Requires vast amount of resources. - Companies can send information of new products to customers based on their purchase history. Software-as-a-service (Application Service Provider) - Cheap, pay-per-use, small fee - Use any device to do anything anywhere. - Save personal disk space, files stored on Web servers - Can use any computer to access files later - Privacy: information on a Web- based server will be easier for someone to gain access to it - Reliability: What happens if personal ASP’s website or server goes down? - Companies can use ASP for application softwares that have constant upgrades and are expensive to buy outright - Particularly for companies that switches software frequently
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Emerging_Trends_and_Technologies - AB113 Information...

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