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Safe_Computing - AB113 Information Technology Safe...

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AB113 Information Technology Safe Computing 1. Explain why security is important for both individuals and organizations. Individual - There is a need for privacy when we engage in private communications conducted over electronic means. - Do not want others to intercept our communications; tamper with or steal our information. Organizations - Businesses dependent on IT - Lax of security may cause system to be down thereby resulting in financial loss - Lax of security may result in information being stolen. - Stolen information may have competitive value. 2. Define privacy and describe the ways in which it can be threatened. Privacy is the right to be left alone when you want to be, to have control over your own possessions, and not to be observed without consent. Your privacy can be compromised by: (a) Other individuals snooping on you (b) Employers monitoring your actions (c) Businesses that collect information on your needs, preferences, and surfing practices (d) Government agencies that collect information on citizens 3. Describe the use of authentication and encryption as ways to protect privacy Authentication Account/Message accessible only to legitimates users Strong Passwords Multi-factor authentication (a) What you know (e.g. pin passwords) (b) What you have (e.g. ATM card) (c) What you are (biometrics) Biometrics - Use of physiological characteristics – fingerprints, blood vessels in iris, sound of voice, or face recognition – to provide identification. - Difficult to copy/fake Encryption Message contents transformed by combination with “key”
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Same key used to encrypt and decrypt – symmetric-key encryption
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