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Problem Session All__ Chem 114 Exam 1 Dr. A. H. Martin Total Points = 100 February 10, 2006 Complete calculations must be shown for all problems to receive full credit. (8) 1. Consider the reaction CH 4 (g) + 4 NO(g) N 2 (g) + CO 2 (g) + 2 H 2 O(g) If the rate of formation of NO is ∆[NO]/∆t, write the rate of reaction expressed in terms of N 2 , CO 2 , CH 4 , and H 2 O. ∆[ΝΟ] ∆τ = 4∆[ΧΗ 4 ] ∆τ = - 4∆[Ν 2 ] ∆τ = - 4∆[ΧΟ] ∆τ = - 4∆[Η 2 Ο] 2∆τ (10) 2. Answer the following based on the mechanism below: G + H -----> I (fast) I + G ----> J (slow) J + K -----> L (fast) L + G ----> M + H (fast) a) Give the overall equation for the reaction. __3 G + K M________ b) Give the rate law for the reaction.__rate = k[G] 2 [H]_______ c) What is (are) the catalyst(s) in the reaction?__H____________________ d) What is (are) the intermediate(s) in the reaction? _I, J, L_________________ e) If the initial concentration of G is tripled, what is the effect on the initial reaction rate? increases 9X [3] 2 = 9 times (10) 3. Consider the reaction aA bB. At a particular temperature and [A] o = 2.8x10 -3 M concentration versus time data were collected for this reaction. A plot of 1/[A] versus time resulted in a straight line with a slope of 3.6x10 -2 L mol -1 sec 1- . a) What is the rate law for this reaction? __ rate = k[A] 2 ___ b) What is the order of this reaction in a? ______2nd__________ c) What is the value of k for this reaction? ___3.6x10 -2 ________ d) What is the first half-life for this reaction? ___t 1/2 = 1/k[A] o = 9,920 sec. e) How long in seconds will it take for the [A] to decrease to 7.00x10 -4 M? 29, 760 sec. (This is the concentration after 2 half-lives. The fist half life takes 9,920 seconds, the second takes twice as long since the initial concentration at the start of the half-life is 1.4x10 -3 M (half the original concentration). The
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Ex1_S06_ans - Name _A. key_ Problem Session All_ Chem 114...

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