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List of Web Appendices to accompany Brigham/Houston: Essentials of Financial Management Web Appendix 2A: Continuous Compounding and Discounting Web Appendix 3A: The Federal Income Tax System Web Appendix 7A: Zero Coupon Bonds Web Appendix 7B: Bankruptcy and Reorganization Web Appendix 8A: Calculating Beta Coefficients Web Appendix 10A: The Cost of New Common Stock and the WACC Web Appendix 12B: Replacement Project Analysis Web Appendix 12C: Refunding Operations
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Unformatted text preview: Web Appendix 12D: Using the CAPM to Estimate the Risk-Adjusted Cost of Capital Web Appendix 12E: Techniques for Measuring Beta Risk Web Appendix 14A: Degree of Leverage Web Appendix 15A: An Example: The Residual Dividend Model Web Appendix 16A: Inventory Management Web Appendix 16B: Short-Term Loans and Bank Financing Web Appendix 17A: Forecasting Financial Requirements When Financial Ratios Change...
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