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Student Name: Student Number: (PIease Print) FACULTY OF SCIENCE FINAL EXAMINATION 2005 BIOL 200 - MOLECULAR BIOLOGY (002) Examiners: Profs. F. Fagotto and P. Lasko Date: December 16,2005 Time: 2:OO p.m. Place: Gym INSTRUCTIONS: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. All students will write the exam in the room assigned and posted beforehand. All questions must be answered in the examination booklets provided. Your name and student number must be entered on your examination sheet as well as any examination bookIets that you have used. Both the examination sheet and booklets must be submitted at the end of the exam. Calculators are not needed for any question on this exam but are permitted in the exam room. A simple translation dictionary may be used during the exam by persons in their first year of studies in English. If you find any questions ambiguous, specify the question number and explain your concerns at the bottom of hs cover sheet. (Important): It is essential that your answers are concise. Each question is followed by our suggestion fox the maximum number of words your answer should require. The questions can all be answered fully and correctly in fewer words than our suggestions indicate. It is unnecessary to answer the questions in complete sentences. Responses that exceed the suggested length limit may not be read in full, and may be marked lower if incorrect information is included. This exam consists of 4 pages (1 5 questions) including the cover page. Am bigiiities:
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BIOL 200 - FINAL EXAMINATION MOLECULAR BIOLOGY (002) Page 2 Question I. (6 points) Identify the site at which each of the following molecules interacts with pre-&A. (5 words each). a.U1 snRNA b. U2 snRNA c. U2AF (U2-associated factor) Question 2. (4 points) What virally-encoded protein is required for transport of unspliced HIV genomic RNA from the nucleus to the cytoplasm? words).
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BIOL200_Exam - Student Name: (PIease Print) Student Number:...

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