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E CONOMICS S-1050 H ARVARD U NIVERSITY S UMMER 2009 S UMMER S CHOOL R EVIEW T ERMS On the Final Exam you may be asked to define any of the following terms (with examples), or answer short essay questions based on them. The list is not exhaustive, just the important ones! 1. Game 2. Rationality 3. Strategy 4. Equilibrium 5. Normal or Strategic Form 6. Extensive Form 7. Information Set 8. Security Value 9. The Security Dilemma 10. Perfect Information 11. Complete Information 12. Dominant Strategy
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Unformatted text preview: 13. Dominated Strategy 14. Iterated Elimination of Dom. Strategies 15. Prudent (or Security) Strategy 16. Pure Strategy 17. Mixed Strategy 18. Saddlepoint 19. Minimax Theorem 20. Best Response Strategy 21. Nash Equilibrium 22. Subgame Perfection 23. Discount Parameter 24. Folk Theorem 25. Evolutionary Stable Strategy 26. Bounded Rationality 27. Replicator Dynamic 28. Finite Automaton 29. Tragedy of the Commons 30. The Winner’s Curse...
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