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Executive Summary Our Public Relations team is well aware of the aspects that are favorable in respect to the media and what exactly is required to establish an effective campaign. In order to gain publicity we performed efficient research in order to obtain the skills and tactics that would end up becoming the ingredients to a perfect recipe. Aware that seventy-five percent of news releases received by editors are not even considered acceptable, we prepared ourselves to find pieces to a puzzle that were beyond our ability. The grand opening of Ultimate Electronics in New York City can be defined as significant, due to the impact on the impact it has on a majority of human beings. It is the first time the east coast will experience the difference between what they acquired as societal norm to and what they haven’t experienced yet. We are in a technological era, where new advancements are made everyday. For example, if you look back at the past ten years, you will see a rapid advancement in technology including cell phones, computers, cameras, and music players. Everything is become faster, smaller, sleeker, and more desirable. Technology now has a capability to stand for signs of wealth and power. Everyone wants a piece of the rapidly growing technological world. Those old and young, students and professionals, married or single, all have needs to be fulfilled. Whether it is to have the latest Iphone or high-end camera, there is something for everyone regardless of age. Our PR campaign team is prepared to introduce Ultimate Electronics in a way no other chain electronics store has been introduced before. The media will become our most valuable asset through out this transition from the west coast to the east coast. Building strong, lasting relationships with different forms of media, and using it to our advantage with catapult us past the pre-existing 1
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competition. In order to gain publicity we will take on the media by every possible angle until our campaign consists of characteristics that deem Ultimate Electronics' NYC debut as "newsworthy". It is extremely important that methods used to put the campaign into motion even before the grand opening of the store, create an unforgettable and desirable presence. Our media tactics, which are listed below, have potential to be highly effective. We have looked at several case studies with similar products, that at one point or another tried to thrive in demographics much like New York’s. We compared and contrasted the positive and negative elements of each scenario, only taking the best of everything and applying to Ultimate Electronics. The goal is to do well in New York, so that eventually the franchise can open multiple locations up and down the east coast. If we successfully promote and build up the Ultimate Electronics Empire in New York City, which is known for high competition and low success rate for new business, the Ultimate Electronic franchise will be an unstoppable force, and will dominate all other electronic retails stores. It is our job as the Public Relations
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prcampaign2 - Executive Summary Our Public Relations team...

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