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Carrie Wernick Public Relations BUS/COMM 293-02 Dr. Pashkevich Extra Credit November 20, 2009 Guy Garcia, a nationally recognized chief-executive officer, spoke to Marymount students about his award-winning book. Garcia’s literature titled The New Mainstream: How the Multicultural Consumer is Transforming American Business was published in the year 2004. As the president of Mentametrix Inc., Garcia’s presentation dealt with the idea of multicultural consumerism based on his own knowledge and personal experience in the workplace. Garcia emphasizes the diversity in the American population and specifically points out the multicultural application to the business world. The increase in ethnic groups is predictable in a country such as the United States with its large immigration population and where citizens are provided with the freedom of choice. Entrepreneurs must be aware of such ethnic trends because of the ever-present threat of competition in a capitalist economy. Guy Garcia talks of ethnic changes and its contributions to a “new America”.
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PRExtraCreditGuyGarcia - Carrie Wernick Public Relations...

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