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ESE218 Quiz 4 Name October 2.2008 The following algebraic expression implements the switching function A for the alarm circuit (Lab 2). The circuit generates a high logic level when windows (W) or doors (D) are open while the system is enabled (E) and visitors are not exiting the building (X), or when the system operator is in panic (P). A (W, D, E, X, P) = (WD)' E X' + P 1. Howmany levels does the circuithave? 1 2. Show the critical path and estimate the circuit propagation delay assuming a 20 ns delay per gate
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Unformatted text preview: LD -t - = 6,<) v' 9 3. Assign the testing signals for measuring the propagation delay: show the input signals revealing the propagating delay by placing checkmarks in the table. You have a square-wave generator, a DC source and ground for high and low logic levels. 4. Complete the timing diagram one should expect on the logic analyzer display. Show the propagation delays for signals Fl, F2, and A. ID Inputs Square' wave sisnal Logic I 6+5V) Logic (GND) w D E X P Input F1 F2 A 120 t, ns...
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