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218q5s - sqnare-wave generator and logic analyzer Apply a...

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ESE218 Quiz 5 Name October 16,2008 The following circuit represents a l-bit full-adder performing addition of three bits ID C +B +A CornSum l. 7. 1 )(oA: 200 24A [""'Lt{ I h:itt*f{il Be JUIL n e;d+b[,af,' to'a tr.llp! A, B, or C? (select one) ANDI XORI AND2 XOR2 Label the circuit outputs as SUM and CARRY-OUT Show the critical path(s) and estimate the circuit propagation delay assuming s 20 ns delay per gate. Design the testing signals for measuring the
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Unformatted text preview: sqnare-wave generator and logic analyzer. Apply a square wave signal to the input corresponding to the critical path, other inputs should be kept static (logic 1 or logic 0). Show the appropriate inputs by placing checkmarks in the table below Complete the timing diagram showi n showingnrorasatigffsl {- c.. 6.ffitr i-:".*+e*--Zalrl ouf ohg' 280 time (ns) .Jft-oR .^ OR...
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