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BSE218 Quiz 6 Name October 23,2108 You are given a 3x 8 decoder with active low outputs. For your convenience it has three enable inputs - one of them is active-high (G1) while two others (G2A, G2B) are active- low. l. Implement the l-bit full-adder using the decoder chip and additional logic gates (one per function). Your circuit should have 2 outputs: full sum, carry-out. All inputs (including enable inputs) should be labeled or connected to the appropriate logi I.{ &{. e --\ i'}.t wV- nri ac,tVa ' ,*.*5 Prqfllf6tr,":.+ oglc It, .Vr,*j gry& e .*ou3 -f'*t,.-** ID levels. .X ilY +Q* X Cii" f,-,- s ! I t 1 \,rb CIn g€ r,1 1 lt. fJ I \ I L\ nI'\ . sI x,7'Y,^]= 3 | ireu',,,)) =Q lq],5,+' \) I {r,y,c'*) = \1 (,rt,o,{ ---e*r' ,.nc.k-p'-t
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Unformatted text preview: p*st- ktt" : T1r., dlf p,"f} (r) hs, T,&^l,c p\- t**r,o*e's+-'\ 4 LE*[ ,g 3,sr Gd *- R { e;l' ? ,--) aJ) tu vu";{.t\p$ $ae,'p'1r1,63*5 *{ (ilg .::n: l;*i1^*^-;5{ $+*."_ } {4,"v"4 L-v vt\L.-*h,@&I* 2. Construct a 4x16 decoder with enable E (active-low) using the 3x8 decoders as building blocks. All inputs of the 3x8 decoders (including enable inputs) should be connected to the appropriate inputs of the 4x16 decoders or to the appropriate logic levels. All outputs should be labeled with numbers fiom 0 to 15. ra Y i i. . ii tz t* i *,{ rt-i> (:' 5 ! ) 3 ',i 7. Xr X2 Xr ,\o 4xl6 dec I C G1 wza ,q Y0 B Y] C Y? Y3 .{4 G1 Y5 .;:A '( 6 [28 11 74t51 38...
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