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ESE218 Quiz 8 Name November 6,2008 1. Complete the timing diagram for a master-slave implementation of the edge-triggered flip-flop. Note: the circuit utilizes LEVEL-TRIGGERED Dlatches. Show small (At << Tcx) propagation delays. ID i<*---*'**: i ln.aay-.ar ; 2. Complete the timing diagram propagation delays. d-**
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Unformatted text preview: i:,3-j.firi r{niit.{ Fr".-t-for the JK-flip-flop showing small d!*.*** t--7]?.2 r-(o 1 (At << Tcrr) J K PRESET O "l C,*/i'.cz\'tr ivtu'r'{ 1x-e-je/ ; t.+ Uav-{ tt(.tt-\;1 4;;** -#. i* - : ; J r<.fk!I) : , :rrru Q' .jl *-i-r*-f--Li '{'att r;:^u* *k V-r* u*J- t ' {-t-r t'€4+ ttD<'L' <1L g<...
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