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The School of Business Technology Course Syllabus Course SECR 5000 Security Management Term Fall II, 2009 (October 19- December 18, 2009) Instructor Name: Phone: Email: Kyle Mason Home: (573) 496-3154; Work/Cell: (573) 645-8750; [email protected] Catalog Description This course is an overview of principles and issues in business and organizational security management. Students examine the challenges embodied in various aspects of security such as personnel, facility, and information. Principles of loss prevention and the protection of assets are examined. Students employ the use of situational analyses, case studies, and other research-oriented approaches. Prerequisites None Course Level Learning Outcomes The following is a list of the objectives for the course. a. The students must know and explain the important terminology, facts, concepts, principles, and theories used in the field of Business and Organizational Security Management. b. The student must be able to explain and demonstrate the relationship between security methods and needs as they relate to private, government and military organizations and businesses. c. The students must have an explanation of how people, information, facilities and materials can all represent challenges and threats to security and apply this knowledge to their current role. d. The student must be able to apply research-oriented approaches, case studies and the use of situational analyses as appropriate in the study of security management situations. e. The student must be able to demonstrate the ability to properly write, prepare and submit a logically organized writing project. This writing effort must demonstrate the ability to communicate, in writing, at the graduate level. Materials Introduction to Security, 8th Edition, Robert J. Fischer and Gion Green, Publisher: Elsevier Butterworth-Heinemann, ISBN 0-7506-7600-0
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Grading The GRADUATE catalog provides these guidelines and grading options: A/A– Superior graduate work B+/B/B– Satisfactory graduate work C Work that is barely adequate as graduate-level performance CR Work that is performed as satisfactory graduate work (B– or better). A grade of "CR”is reserved for courses designated by a department, involving internships, a thesis, practicums, or specified courses. F Work that is unsatisfactory I Incomplete work ZF An incomplete, which was not completed within one year of the end of the course. ZF is treated the same as an F or NC for all cases involving G.P.A., academic warning, probation, and dismissal. IP In progress NR Not reported W Withdrawn from the course For this course, the final grade is calculated based on points: Class Participation (includes weekly Discussion Questions) -100 Weekly Assignment Submittals: 200 Mid-Term Exam - 200 Term Paper - 100 Final Exam – 200 Journal Reports - 200 Total Points: 1000 Point Totals Range: A = 940-1000 A- = 900 – 940 B = 840 – 899 B- = 800 – 839 C = 740 – 799 D = 600 – 739 F = 0 - 599
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SECR%205000%20FALL%202%20SYLLABUS0-1 - The School of...

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