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Chapter 2: Database System Concepts and Architecture CHAPTER 2: DATABASE SYSTEM CONCEPTS AND ARCHITECTURE Answers to Selected Exercises 2.11 Think of different users for the database of Figure 1.2. What type of applications would each user need? To which user category would each belong and what type of interface would they need? Answer: (a) Registration Office User: They can enter data that reflect the registration of students in sections of courses, and later enter the grades of the students. Applications can include: - Register a student in a section of a course - Check whether a student who is registered in a course has the appropriate prerequisite courses - Drop a student from a section of a course - Add a student to a section of a course - Enter the student grades for a section Application programmers can write a number of canned transactions for the registration office end-users, providing them with either forms and menus, or with a parametric
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Unformatted text preview: interface. (b) Admissions Office User: The main application is to enter newly accepted students into the database. Can use the same type of interfaces as (a). (c) Transcripts Office User: The main application is to print student transcripts. Application programmers can write a canned transaction using a report generator utility to print the transcript of a student in a prescribed format. The particular student can be identified by name or social security number. Another application would be to generate grade slips at the end of each semester for all students who have completed courses during that semester. Again, this application could be programmed using a report generator utility. 2.12 - No Solution provided Pre-Publication Material: This is draft manuscript yet to be copy edited or paged. Copyright AWL2004 1...
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