02 - TA2014 theimportanceofbeingearnest 01/03/201011:16:00

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TA 2014 01/03/2010 11:16:00 Name one thing that I liked about the skin of our teeth I really liked how everything thing liked together no matter the time frame. name something you didn’t understand I didn’t understand the first part of the play What is a question you would love to have answered about the play. the importance of being earnest page 787 Lady Bracknell thinks she is logical but she really isn’t. Playwright is making fun of social standing and marriage, nothing to do with  love. Criticizes the education of the lower class whole convosation is talking about what lady Bracknell is interested in. Lady Bracknell doesn’t want Gwendolen and Jack to be married because he  was found in a bag and doesn’t know who his parents are/has no parents. o
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This note was uploaded on 03/21/2010 for the course TA 2014 taught by Professor Scrinehart during the Spring '08 term at Virginia Tech.

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02 - TA2014 theimportanceofbeingearnest 01/03/201011:16:00

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