Chapter 5 Questions and Answers

Chapter 5 Questions and Answers - Chapter 5 answers 1....

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Chapter 5 answers 1. disease registry – centralizes database for collection of information about a disease National Health Survey – authorized under the National Health Survey Act of 1956 to obtain information about the health status of the US population; authorized three separate and distinct programs that are conducted by the NCHS (NHIS, HES, and family of surveys of health resources) NHANES I – first National Health and Nutrition Examination; purpose was to conduct a survey of the US civilian non institutionalized population ages 1-74 years, using a multistage, clustered probability sample stratified by geographic region and population size HHANES – Hispanic health and nutrition examination survey; conducted by NCHS to obtain data on the health and nutrition status of three Hispanic groups 2. Incidence of influenza in the US – hospital data Cancer morbidity – disease registries Congenital malformations – medical data from birth records Prevalence of selected disabling conditions – social security statistics Work-related accidents – absenteeism data, labor industry Precursive factors for heart disease among college graduates – morbidity surveys Ethnic differences in mortality – census data 3. Death certificate advantage: data collection is comprehensive; virtually no deaths go unrecorded
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Chapter 5 Questions and Answers - Chapter 5 answers 1....

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