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Chapter 1 Revew questions

Chapter 1 Revew questions - 4 a Associating the environment...

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4. a. Associating the environment with disease causality – It came away from the explanations that had to do with the supernatural and “bad air”. A movement away from supernatural explanations of disease causation to a rational account of the origin of humankind’s illnesses. b. Use of vital statistics – Gruant – recordered descriptive characteristics of birth and death data, including several variations, infant mortality, and excess male over female differences in mortality. His work made a fundamental contribution by discovering regularities in medical and social phenomena. He is said to be the first to employ quantitative methods in describing population vital staticis by organiaing mortality data in a mortality table and has been referred to as the Columbus of statistics. c. use of natural experiments – Snow’s work, a classic study that linked the cholera epidemic to contaminated water supplies, is noteworthy because it utilized many of the features of epidemiologic inquiry: a spot map of cases and tabulation of fatal attacks.
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