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Addendum David Howard June 25 2009 This question is due at the start of Class tomorrow Friday June 26. You may work together but you may not ask any members outside of our class (nor may you ask Ulfar, myself, or tutors for help). Additionally, the write up for the question must be ON YOUR OWN, no other member in class may look over or copy any part of your write-up. Any cheating found on this assignment will be considered cheating on the test and I will report you to the Office of Student Integrity. SHOW YOUR WORK!!!. 1. (15 points) Marty McFly and the Doc are working on an emergency shut-down system
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Unformatted text preview: for the Delorean time-travel machine, that quickly slows the car down so that it doesn’t make a time-jump. The physics state that when the emergency shut-down is applied to the car going at a speed of 88 miles an hour it must stop within 1 20 of a mile. To save cost they don’t want to make the braking system better than it has to be. Given this what is the optimum acceleration (or deceleration) that ensures the car won’t make a time jump? Note that acceleration is the derivative of velocity, and velocity is the derivative of the position function. 1...
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