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AddendumtestIVc2 - work she has come back to you again for...

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Addendum David Howard 25 March 2009 This question is due at the start of Class tomorrow Thursday March 26. You may work together but you may not ask any members outside of our class 1501B1/B2/B3. Additionally, the write up for the question must be ON YOUR OWN, no other member in class may look over or copy any part of your write-up. Any cheating found on this assignment will be considered cheating on the test and I will report you to the Office of Student Integrity. The use of calculators is allowed (though you don’t need them), but SHOW YOUR WORK!!!. 1. (20 points) Here is the scenario: Ms. Bigpark is again in need of help, and of course Vandermonde is off in the Swiss Alps this time. She was so pleased at your previous
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Unformatted text preview: work she has come back to you again for help. She has some specs for another sec-tion of her new roller coaster but she wants something a little different this time. She would like a parabolic curve ( P ( x ) = a + a 1 x + a 2 x 2 ) that goes through the points: (-2 , 2) , (-1 , 1) , (0 , 7) , (1 , 1) , (2 , 2). She realizes that this is actually impossible but she would like a parabola that comes reasonably close to it (i.e. a least squares solution). Can you help her out? Your instructor would like to also offer an additional 5 bonus points if you can solve this problem 2 ways, using the normal equations and using QR factorization. 1...
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