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ENEE 324 ASSIGNMENT 2 Due Thu 09/10 A student enrolled in a degree program takes a total of thirty-two courses, indexed by i = 1 ,..., 32 and also spread evenly over eight semesters. Each course is graded on an A through D scale, and the events A i , B i , C i and D i denote that the student earned the respective grade when taking the i th course. (Each course is attempted once only.) (i) (3 pts.) Consider the four events A 1 , B 1 , A 2 and B 3 . Determine whether each possible pair has empty or nonempty intersection, and draw the four events on a Venn diagram. (ii) (3 pts.) Express the event E = “ two A ’s and two B ’s are earned in the first semester ” symbolically in terms of
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Unformatted text preview: A i s and B i s. (iii) (3 pts.) Express the event F = no D s are earned in the rst semester symbolically using D i s. (iv) (3 pts.) Express the event G = 32 [ i =1 ( C i D i ) verbally as simply as possible. (v) (2 pts.) What is the relationship between G and H = 32 \ i =1 ( A i B i ) ? (vi) (3 pts.) If the students course record (transcript) is viewed as a random experiment with 4 32 = 2 64 possible outcomes, how many of these outcomes fall within the event F ? (vii) (3 pts.) Similarly, how many outcomes does H contain?...
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