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Hour Exam I (a), Chemistry 301, Spring 2008, Page 1 of 5 pages Return my exam in class ____ Return my exam in Clark 278____ NAME _______________________________ HOUR EXAM I 1. (10, 1 each) Below is shown the structure of an organic compound having a large number of different kinds of bonds in it. Some of the bonds have been indicated with an arrow. Beneath the structure is a list of different types of bonds described in terms of their component orbitals. Each bond listed is designated by a letter. In the space provided on each arrow, write the letter that best describes that bond. When two letters are required, they may be written in either order. An example has been filled in. A letter may be used more than once. A. sp 3 -sp 3 , σ B. sp 3 -sp 2 , σ C. sp 3 -sp, σ D. sp 3 -p, σ E. sp 3 -s, σ F. sp 2 -sp 2 , σ G. sp 2 -sp, σ H. sp 2 -p, σ J. sp 2 -s, σ K. p-p, σ L. sp-sp, σ M. sp-p, σ N. sp-s, σ P. s-s, σ Q. s-p, σ R. 2 p-p, π S. p-p, π T. sp-p, π V. sp 2 -p, π W. sp 3 -p, π 2. (14, 7 each) In the space provided, write the correct IUPAC name for the compound having each of the following structures. Be sure you use correct punctuation and spelling in your names . a. b.
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Hour Exam I (a), Chemistry 301, Spring 2008, Page 2 of 5 pages 3. (7) Below is shown a contributor to the hybrid structure of an intermediate we will discuss next semester. a. (6, 3 each) In the space provided beside two of the atoms, write the formal charge on that atom . A periodic table is provided at the end of the test. SHOW YOUR WORK. b. (1) The formal charges on the remaining atoms are all zero . Based on the formal charges you determined for the two atoms , tell whether the intermediate is neutral overall or is an ion, and fill in its net charge if you think it is an ion. CHOOSE ONE. _____ The intermediate is neutral. _____ The intermediate is an ion having a net charge of _____. 4. (7) The contributor to the intermediate hybrid is repeated below. All valence electrons are included in the structure. a. (4) In the space provided to the right of the given structure, draw the structure of another contributor to the resonance hybrid for the intermediate Be sure to include any unshared valence electrons in the structure you draw as well as the formal charge on any atom that has one. (It is not necessary to show how you determined the formal charge.)
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