Lecture 4 - b Memory c Attention d Motor skills e Other...

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Psych Vocab to Know Test 2 Lecture 5 (3-3-09) 1. Intelligence 2. Alfred Binet 3. Mental age 4. IQ 5. Wechsler Intelligence Tests 6. Flynn effect a. Hypothesis 7. Wechsler view of intelligence 8. Test revision for the WAIS-IV 9. Verbal subtests a. Vocab b. Information c. Comprehension d. Similarities e. Arithmetic 10. Performance subtests a. Picture completion b. Block design c. Digit symbol d. Visual puzzles e. Cancellation f. Figure weights 11. Self-fulfilling prophecy 12. Rosenthal Jacobsen study a. Results b. Explanations 13. Culture free intelligence tests 14. Mental retardation 15. Early signs of developmental delays in preschool children a. Language
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Unformatted text preview: b. Memory c. Attention d. Motor skills e. Other functions 16. Mild retardation 17. Moderate retardation 18. Severe retardation 19. Profound retardation 20. Causes of mental retardation a. Organic b. Environmental 21. Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences (8) 22. Emotional Intelligence 23. Giftedness a. Characteristics 24. Terman 25. Winner 26. Spearman a. Two factor theory of intelligence i. G factor ii. S factor 27. Catell a. Fluid intelligence b. Crystallized intelligence 28. Sternberg a. Practical intelligence b. Analytical c. Creative...
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Lecture 4 - b Memory c Attention d Motor skills e Other...

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