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Practice Test Winter 2009 Psychology 111 060 Professor Schreier 1. To encourage a rat to press a lever, a mild electric shock on the cage floor is turned off each time the rat presses the bar. What type of “learning” procedure is being used? a. positive punishment b. positive reinforcement c. negative reinforcement d. negative punishment 2. In the video clip we watched in class a dog was conditioned to have a defensive reaction to a metronome. In this clip the Unconditioned Stimulus was: a. the food b. an electric shock c. the metronome d. the defensive reaction to the metronome 3. Ellwood got into a serious car accident and went into a coma. After regaining consciousness, Ellwood could not recall anything that had happened before the accident, but was able to learn new skills as well as the names of everyone who took care of him at the hospital. Ellwood suffered from: a. retrograde amnesia b. anterograde amnesia c. alzheimer’s syndrome d. cue dependent forgetting 4. Jamal has two tests coming up: organic chemistry and psychology. First he studied for organic chemistry. Next, he studied for psychology, but this prevented him from keeping his organic chemistry concepts straight and he had trouble on his organic chemistry test. This example
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Winter09111ex2pqKEY_1_ - Practice Test Winter 2009...

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