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Practice Q’s Exam 3 Psychology 111 060 Winter 2009 1. The initial phase of prenatal development, which includes the first two weeks following conception is called: a. fetal b. germinal c. embryonic d. zygotic 2. When given Kohlberg’s Heinz dilemma, David said that Heinz should not have stolen the drug because stealing is wrong and breaks the law. This reasoning places David in which of Kohlberg’s stages of moral development? a. conventional b. preconventional c. postconventional d. unconventional 3. Kilroy is reliable, responsible and punctual. He also considers himself to be well- organized. These traits describe which of McRae and Costa’s Big Five personality traits? a. conscientiousness b. neuroticism c. agreeableness d. orderliness 4. Terror management theory holds that: a. messages that use fear appraisals are effective only if they are not too frightening b. schizophrenia is a defense mechanism for dealing with existential anxiety c. when people are reminded about the inevitability of death they give larger rewards to
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Exam 3 Practice - Practice Qs Exam 3 Psychology 111 060...

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