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Sheet1 Page 1 Babinski Reflex Thomas Temperaments Chess Temperamnets Ainsworth Attachment Buamrind Parenting styles Maccoby Uninvolved parenting style Harlow Monkeys Elkind Adolescence Piaget Stages of Cognitive development Erikson Lifespan development Kohlberg Moral development Langer Control Rodin Control Cattel Factor Analysis 16 Mcrae OCEAN Costa OCEAN Freud Carl Jung Unconscious Introvert/Extravert Adler Individual psych Bandura Recipricol Determinism Rotter Locusts of control Mischel Person by Situation Interaction Marlow Heirarchy of Needs
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Unformatted text preview: Carl Rogers Congruence/Incongruence Sheldon Somatotypes Eysenck Three types of personality traits (ENP) Holmes Social Readjustment Scale Rahe Social Readjustment Scale Selye General Adaptation Syndrome Kanner Everyday stresses Rosenman Type A Friedman Type A Triplett Social cognition Asch Conformity Milgram Obedience Zimbardo Roles take over Latane Bystander Darley Bystander Buss Men/Women prefereces Walster Love Berscheid Love Sternberg Three components of love Sherif Superordinate goals...
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