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Lecture 2 Development II - a Trust/Mistrust b...

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Lecture 2 (3-19-09) 1. Attachment Deprivation-Harlow 2. Attachment and contact comfort 3. Peer relationships (5) 4. Adolescence a. Adolescent growth spurt b. Asynchrony c. Recent research d. Puberty i. Early maturing males ii. Early maturing females 5. Elkind a. Adolescent Egocentrism b. Imaginary audience c. Personal fable d. Invincibility fable 6. Storm and stress a. Adolescent values b. Conflict 7. Peers in adolescence (4) 8. Developmental Theories as Stage Theories (3) 9. Cognitive Development a. Assimilation b. Accommodation 10. Jean Piaget’s Stages of Cognitive Development a. Sensorimotor (6) MOMOP b. Preoperational (6) CTMAP i. Flaws in preoperational children 1. Centration 2. Irreversibility 3. Egocentrism c. Concrete Operations (5) FROR d. Formal operations (4) MASV e. Piaget’s criticisms 11. Erik Erikson and Lifespan Development (8)
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Unformatted text preview: a. Trust/Mistrust b. Autonomy/Shame and Doubt c. Initiative/Guilt d. Industry/Inferiority e. Identity/Confusion f. Intimacy/Isolation g. Generativity/Self-absorption h. Integrity/Despair 12. Piaget and Moral Development a. Heteronomous morality (4) b. Autonomous morality(4) 13. Kohlberg: Heinz dilemma a. Preconventional i. Punishment Orientation ii. Naïve Reward b. Conventional i. Goodboy/goodgirl ii. Authority c. Post-conventional i. Social contract ii. Individual principles and conscience 14. Lifespan issues in development(3) 15. Intellectual functioning and age a. Fluid intelligence b. Crystallized intelligence 16. Langer and Rodin Study 17. Ways to promote healthy aging(12)...
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