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Lecture 3 Personality - b External locus of control 11...

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Lecture 3 (3-24-09) 1. Personality a. Personality traits 2. Cattel’s Theory of Personality (3) 3. McRae and Costa a. Openness b. Conscientiousness c. Extraversion d. Agreeableness e. Neuroticism Psychodynamic Theories 4. Freud’s Psychoanalytical Theory (3) a. Freud’s structure of personality i. Id ii. Ego iii. Superego 5. Defense mechanisms a. Examples(3) 6. Carl Jung (2) a. Personal unconscious b. Collective unconscious c. Introvert d. Extrovert 7. Adler- Individual Psychology (2) a. Inferiority complex b. Compensation c. Overcompensation Social Cognitive and Behavioral Theories 8. Bandura-Reciprocal Determinism (3) 9. Self-efficacy a. Four sources 10. Rotter-Locus of Control a. Internal locus of control
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Unformatted text preview: b. External locus of control 11. Mischel - Person by Situation Interaction (3) 12. Humanistic Perspective (4) a. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs PSLECAN i. Physiological ii. Safety and Security iii. Belongingness iv. Esteem v. Cognitive vi. Aesthetic vii. Need for self-actualization b. Carl Rogers i. Congruence ii. Incongruence iii. Unconditional Positive Regard Personality Types 13. Sheldon Somatotypes a. Endomorph b. Mesomorph c. Ectomorph 14. Eisenck’s Theory a. Extraversion b. Neuroticism c. Psychoticism 15. Terror Management Thoery a. Reminded of mortality (4)...
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