Lecture 7 Social Psych I

Lecture 7 Social Psych I - b Presence of a dissenter 10...

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Lecture 7 (4-14-09) 1. Social psychology 2. Attitudes a. Attitude strength i. Durability ii. Impact 3. Social Cognition a. Initial impressions b. Asch 4. Social Influence (Triplett) 5. Social norms 6. Social role 7. Role conflict 8. Conformity a. Informational social influence b. Normative social influence c. Situational influence on behaviors 9. Asch Conformity study a. Factors which affected conformity
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Unformatted text preview: b. Presence of a dissenter 10. LaPiere study 11. Attitudes and behaviors influenced by several factors (3) 12. Persuasion 13. Persuasion Tactics a. Norm of reciprocity b. Door in the face technique c. Foot in the door d. Low-balling 14. Obedience 15. Stanley Milgram’s results (5) 16. Replication of study...
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