Lecture 8 Social Psych II

Lecture 8 Social Psych II - b. Companionate love 10....

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Lecture 8 (4-16-09) 1. Zimbardo-Stanford Prison Study (2) 2. Altruism 3. Kitty Genovese 4. Diffusion of responsibility 5. Bystander effect 6. Latane and Darley – Bystander research(5) 7. Who are we willing to help (3) 8. Factors that influence attraction a. Matching hypothesis b. Buss - Gender differences 9. Walster and Berscheid – Love a. Passionate love
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Unformatted text preview: b. Companionate love 10. Sternbergs Three Components of Love a. Intimacy b. Passion c. Commitment 11. Prejudice 12. Stereotypes 13. Discrimination 14. Illusory correlation 15. Self-serving bias 16. Fundamental Attribution Error 17. Group membership 18. Homogeneity bias 19. Sherif study a. Present applications...
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