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Part competition - Part competition: the competition...

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Part competition: the competition between political parties to gain control in government Political party: political organization that seeks to get and stay in political power within government. Linkage institution: a form in which the people can connect with government. Party image: they way a voter see’s the political party. Rational-choice theory: a theory in which a voter’s action is reasoned. Party identification: ones political stand point. Ticket splitting: voting for a different political party that is not yours in different elections. Party machines: A political party that depends on incentive material to win votes. Patronage: The support a patron for a special interest or cause. Closed primaries: election in which one chooses nominees. Only registered people can vote Open primaries: elections where voters can choose who they want. Blanket primaries: an election was the voters are given a list of voters. National convention: A meeting of the party where they choose a party ticket and a party’s platform. National committee: a way of keeping parties operating between conventions. National chairperson: A person responsible for the day-to-day activities of the party. Coalition: A group with political alliance.
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Part competition - Part competition: the competition...

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