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Checkpoint week 3 COM140 - Content To inform them the...

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1 Checkpoint: Effective Business Communication Kira Bishop Business Communication COM/140 December 4 th 2009 Elizabeth Custer
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2 Manager Teammates Travel Agent Purpose
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3 To inform them that your team didn't meet the financial goal for the quarter To inform them that we won't be receiving a bonus because the financial goal was not met To inform them you must cancel your travel plans Audience They'll want to know why They'll want to know how they can prevent this next quarter They'll wonder why Tone Disappointment Serious but encouraging Upset and depressed
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Unformatted text preview: Content To inform them the quarterly financial goal was not met, what may have caused this to happen and finally what can be done to prevent this next quarter To review what actions may have caused the team to miss the goal, then outline what improvements can be made and conclude it to encourage the team that they'll met that goal, to receive the bonus next time To inform them you must cancel your travel plans due to a sudden lack of funds and to apologize for the inconvenience....
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