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COM140 Final - person I may have been with “Hey while we’re waiting I’m gonna go grab a coffee from that shop we passed do you want one?”

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River View Plaza Digital Story Final Project Topic The River View Plaza Digital Story stated the main goal is to present to the committee a service that will increase efficiency of operations and/or keep the current employees happy. So, I decided a coffee shop that offers free wireless internet would meet the committee’s goals. I came to this conclusion for a few different reasons, the most obvious reason being; everybody loves coffee! Second, I thought about the other services offered in the building and all three of them generally have customers in a waiting room at any given time. And I know I’m not the only person that’s sat in a waiting room and whispered to the
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Unformatted text preview: person I may have been with, “Hey, while we’re waiting I’m gonna go grab a coffee from that shop we passed, do you want one?” This service would keep the current employee’s happy not only because of the coffee but it also provides another type of “break room” which provides employees an opportunity to socialize with family close to work. A coffee shop would not take much money to get up and running or to continue to maintain. Just supplies, one or two employees, and the cost to maintain a wireless signal I imagine should be easy since the building should already be receiving an internet source....
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